How to Load Pages instantly with in Blogger?

Hello Blogmate's How are you ? I hope you are doing great. Most of you somehow will have noticed your website loading speed is slow and you want to improve it on your Blogger blogs? then this article is very important and helpful for you.
Here in this article I will share how to quickly load pages with on Blogger. You can input a URL of website or Blogger to the PageSpeed Insights.

Activity, We will use the to speed up our website using the URL prefetch. is an open source library created by Alexandre Dieulot.

Before adding this open source library to our Blogger website We need to know how works?

To find out more about and please read this post carefully...

How does preview work? first loads a web page just before the user clicks on it. When a user navigates over a link, will start uploading the HTML part of that web page in the background and it can save you 100 milliseconds of the.

The "just-in-time preloading" feature of enhances user experience for website visitors by loading the web page at a faster snd lightning speed.

On a desktop or laptop, when visitors to of your website navigate a mouse just before clicking on it, the will start the preload page first and save about 300 ms in the loading process.

You can also load the page after the user clicks on the link and will not use additional requests, however, it can improve the page load speed by 80ms on average.

You can also start pre-loading links when it comes to viewing but I don't recommend this as it can take a lot of server bandwidth. Mouse loading is the best option as it only loads HTML files when the visitor clicks on the link for more than 60 milliseconds.

It works the same way on mobile devices. It will start loading the web page in the space provided when someone touches their display before releasing it.

In that case the user can improve page speed by 90ms on average. affects server bandwidth?

If you ask this question to me! My answer is No, it will not affect server bandwidth. as much as uploading only when there is a good chance the user will click on the link.

It also loads only part of the HTML page that leaves the CSS and JavaScript file

How to Implement preloading in Blogger?

You can easily install the instant-page script on your blogger website by following the below mentioned steps:–

  • Go to the Blogger dashboard > theme > Edit HTML 
  • Now click on code area and type CTRL+F to search </body> tag. 
  • Now copy the below HTML snippet and past it just before </body> tag.
<script src="//" type="module" integrity="sha384-by67kQnR+pyfy8yWP4kPO12fHKRLHZPfEsiSXR8u2IKcTdxD805MGUXBzVPnkLHw"></script>
  • Now click on save Themes for save the Template.
Wow! you have successfully added the instant click functionality in your Blogger website.
Now it will prefetch all the URLs of your site just before the click it by visitors.
You can also Read and apply below tricks for speed-up your Blogger website.

Browser support and security

It will support all chromium-based browsers like google chrome, Microsoft edge, Brave and Firefox, etc. It won't break your site on unsupported browsers like safari, internet explorer.

It is completely secure and it is hosted serverless with Cloudflare workers.


So today we have discussed about how you can implement script in blogger websites. I hope you like this post kindly do give a comment below. If you are having problem implementing this kindly contact me. Do visit regularly for getting more updates like this.

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